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40,000 km Scheduled Maintenance

In order for our customers to enjoy their experience with Honda vehicles, it is essential to perform proper maintenance periodically. Otherwise, the life of the vehicle will be significantly shortened and in extreme cases, the drivers’ and passengers’ lives may be endangered. If just one bolt or nut is not properly tightened, it could lead to a dangerous situation. This is why scheduled maintenance is so important, it provides security and trouble-free operation throughout the life of the vehicle. It also saves the customers’ time and money by preventing unexpected repairs or accidents caused from lack of maintenance.

From the dealers’ and technicians’ point of view, maintenance jobs are essential in stabilizing revenues, because they generally account for more than 50% of total service visits. Since performing maintenance does not require special skills, expensive specialized tools or equipment, they are the most profitable job in service operations as all specified parts are readily available. Through scheduled maintenance operations, good customer relations can be established, which contributes to a positive overall Honda owners’ experience. Therefore, learning and becoming proficient with this module is very important for you.

Lubrication Under body
Replace engine oil and filter Inspect suspension components
Replace transmission fluid Check wheel bearings
Check power steering fluid level Inspect steering gearbox and boots
Radiator: Drain, flush and refill with coolant Inspect tie rod ends
Check washer reservoir (top-up if required) Inspect drive shaft boots
Lubricate door hinges Check the exhaust system
Check oil and fluid for leaks
Engine tuning Inflate tires (including spare) to correct pressure
Replace fuel filter Check tire condition
Check and adjust valve clearance Rotate tires
Inspect PCV valve Check condition/security of fuel/cooling system lines,
Check idle speed hoses and connectors
Check and clean air cleaner element
Check drive belt tension Electrical
Check operation of all lights
Brakes Check operation of horn
Check brake performance Check operation of washer and wipers
Check parking brake operation Check alignment of lights
Adjust parking brake travel if it is required
Inspect brake hoses and lines (including ABS)
Inspect front/rear brake disk pads for wear
Test drive (noise, stability, console operations)
Brake performance

What You Will Need

Engine oil 14mm sealing washer Oil filter
Coolant Brake pad grease ATF/MTF
Brake cleaner Brake fluid Power steering fluid
Windshield washer Distilled water Service Maintenance Book
Clipboard Workshop towel Shop Manual
Head cover gasket Fuel filter
Liquid gasket Radiator drain plug o-ring
Headlight tester Steering cover Metric wrench set
Oil filter wrench Fender covers Touch light
Air gun Torque wrench Belt tension gauge
Floor mat cover Car lift
Air gauge Oil catcher
Tachometer Parts tray
SCS short connector Spark plug socket wrench
Rubber hose Catch bucket
Feeler gauge Vernier caliper

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