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Honda CTBA City Brake Active System

Honda City Brake Active System (CTBA)

What is CTBA?
This is a system developed by Honda to detect and prevent a pending forward collision. This system,

  1. Detects a pending forward collision and warns the driver by an alarm and by a message on the information display
  2. If the driver does not respond to the warning and the possibility of collision increases, it automatically applies brake and a loud buzzer sound is produced.

** Note that, this system activated only within 5~30 km/h **

Honda City Brake Active System (CTBA)

How does it detect a possible collision?

This is done by a Laser Transmitter / Sensor Unit installed in the top center of the windshield. It continuously sends laser beam to the front and detects its reflections from the objects in front. By this method, it calculates the distance between the objects.

Does my car has this system?
If your car has the sensor, it means you are lucky to have this system. Also there is an indicator (CTBA) on the dash board that lights ON briefly and goes OFF when you start the car.

Honda City Brake Active System Sensor

The Indicators and Messages of CTBA

CTBA Indicator / Message Situation
 honda ctba system sign • Turn ON briefly and turn OFF when starting the car
– System OK and Active
• Continuously turned ON – System OFF
 honda ctba windshield sign • There is dirt on the windshield obstructing the laser
beam. Please clean the windshield.
• If this is due to Fog/Mist, please turn on the front
 honda-ctba-system-radar-sign • Temperature is high near the sensor. Please let the
car cool down and the message will go off
 honda-ctba-system-sign • System Failure !!
 honda city brake active system • Possibility of collision detected
• Alarm sounds
• Please slow down the vehicle
 city brake active system auto apply sign • Vehicle is stopped by the system
• A loud buzzer sounds
• Brake applied automatically

How to turn OFF the CTBA System?

You can turn OFF City Active Brake System this system through the settings menu. Please refer to “Vehicle Settings Menu” document for more details.

  • When you turn OFF the CTBA system, the indicator lights ON
  • The system automatically turns ON when you stop and re-start the car.

how off honda city brake active system

When to turn OFF the system?

  • You may want to stop the system when driving in very heavy traffic
  • When driving on off-road conditions

How to release the activated system manually?

  • By stepping on the brake pedal
  • By releasing the accelerator pedal
  • By pressing the accelerator pedal for about 4 seconds
  • By turning the steering wheel

Remember …

  • This system activated only within 5~30 km/h
  • This is only a driving aid and does not always prevent accidents
  • This system could not detect motor bikes !
  • The brake is automatically released and make sure to keep your foot on the brake pedal
  • This system may not work correctly in bad weather
  • Always drive safely, do not rely on this devices only.

Thanks: Yasith Mayabandara

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