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Latest Car Information/upcoming model new in Pakistan.

Honda ATF DW-1 VS AFT-Z1 Transmission Fluid info

The new Honda ATF DW-1 will be replacing the current ATF Z-1 and is completely compatible with all Honda models. Maybe factory fill on some if not all 2011’s. The key benefits for the Honda ATF DW-1 are: • Low Temperature, Lower Viscosity: – Better lubrication – Reduced friction at low temperature – Improved fuel economy – High… Read More »

Petrol Engine vs Diesel Engine

Have you ever wondered why there exists 2 different engines, Diesel and Petrol (Gasoline) ?. This video is aimed at giving a logical illustration of differences and advantages of diesel and petrol engines. It also answers the questions like, what if I put petrol into a diesel engine or vice versa. Difference Between Petrol Engine vs Diesel Engine

2016 Honda Civic 1.5 Turbo Engine

2016 Honda Civic 1.5L Turbo Engine Video. 1.5-litre, 16-valve, Direct Injection, DOHC, turbocharged 4-cylinder. 1.5-litre, 16-valve, Direct Injection, . Honda Civic gets a 1.5-litre turbocharged VTEC engine.

Honda Civic 2016 Video in Urdu

ہنڈا سوک کا نیا شاندار ماڈل پاکستان میں متعارف کروا دیا گیا گیا۔۔ دیکھئے اس تفصیلی ویڈیو میں کہ نئے ماڈل کی کیا خصوصیات ہیں، اور یہ مارکیٹ میں موجود دوسری گاڑیوں سے کیسے بہتر ہے

Honda Civic 2016 Video

Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited arranged the media test drive for all the Media officials to take a drive of All new 2016 Honda Civic. The test drive went from Lahore to Islamabad and then back to Lahore. All the top media officials from Pakistan took part in the test drive and drove the car all the way on… Read More »

Honda City and Honda City Aspire 2016 Price in Pakistan

City Aspire redefines the original and iconic four-door Sedan, while staying factual to Honda’s traits of being inventive, powerful & passionate. Stylish chrome grill gives way to muscular haunches and the sturdy bumper with fog lights highlights that the Honda City Aspire is ready to pounce. HONDA CITY PRICES HONDA CITY/ASPIRE VERSION HONDA CITY PRICE Honda City Aspire 1.3… Read More »

Honda 11-Speed Transmission with Three Clutches

Many carmakers are adding more gears to transmission for improve fuel economy, and swapping in dual-clutch units for conventional torque-converter automatics. Honda may be about to top all of those efforts, though, as it recently applied to patent an 11-speed transmission with three clutches. The application was filed with the Japan Patent Office on May 27, according to… Read More »