The new Honda ATF DW-1 will be replacing the current ATF Z-1 and is completely compatible with all Honda models.

Maybe factory fill on some if not all 2011’s.

The key benefits for the Honda ATF DW-1 are:
• Low Temperature, Lower Viscosity:

– Better lubrication

– Reduced friction at low temperature

– Improved fuel economy

– High Temperature, Stable Viscosity:

– Maintains film thickness

– Improved protection against breakdown

– Full synthetic, high film strength


Lastest on ATF DW-1
The latest info from Honda as of September 3rd:

A new ATF is now available for all Honda vehicles. Honda ATF DW-1 was developed with the intention of improving low temperature fuel economy. DW-1 is capable of maintaining a lower viscosity at lower temperatures resulting in less energy required to move the vehicle during the warm-up period. High/normal temperature viscosity remains the same as the current ATF-Z1.

Factory Fill – All 2011+ MY Honda vehicles will come with ATF-DW1.
Mixing – Automatic Transmissions currently filled with ATF-Z1 can be filled or topped off with ATF-DW1. Mixing the two fluids will not negatively affect performance.
Storage – Dealers using bulk storage systems can mix the new ATF-DW1 with the old ATF-Z1 if necessary. However it is recommended that the existing stock of ATF-Z1 be depleted before refilling with ATF-DW1 as mixing the two does deplete the performance advantages of the DW-1.

When all of the transmission fluid is replaced with ATF-DW1 on a vehicle which has previously been operating with ATF-Z1, such as during a transmission or torque converter replacement, the customer may experience a change in shifting feel during cold-start at cold temperatures (below 0C). If a customer is concerned or dissatisfied with this characteristic, simply drain 1L of the ATF DW-1 and fill with 1L of ATF-Z1 to restore the original shift-feel. For this reason, you should maintain a small stock of ATF-Z1 during winter months.

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