Auto Idle Stop*

Automatically stops and restarts the engine to help maximize fuel economy, depending on environmental and vehicle conditions.

Activating Auto Idle Stop

how honda auto idle stop work

When the vehicle stops with the gear position in Drive (D) and the brake pedal is pressed, the engine turns off and the auto idle stop indicator appears if conditions permit.

When you release the brake pedal, turn the steering wheel, or press the accelerator pedal, the engine restarts and the vehicle begins to move.

Auto idle stop does not activate (or the engine may automatically restart) when the driver’s seat belt is unfastened, the vehicle is stopped on a steep hill, the windshield defroster is on, and other conditions.

Turning the System On or Off

auto idle stop button on or off

Press the Auto Idle Stop Off button to turn the system off. The amber auto idle stop indicator comes on. Press the button again to turn it on.

*if equipped

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