Honda Sport Hybrid i-MMD

Motor-powered driving without starting the engine

Honda’s i-MMD combines high efficiency systems to dramatically increase the driving distance by motor alone, without even starting the engine. No gasoline used = high fuel efficiency


Highly responsive, ultra-smooth driving with motor assistance

Engines require a small, yet significant amount of time between pressing the accelerator pedal down, until the car accelerates. Motors can provide smooth, and power acceleration, immediately.This is why the acceleration of a car with Honda’s Sport Hybrid i-MMD is exhilaratingly superior to that of a normal engine-powered car.






Highest Efficiency through 5 Systems

Honda’s Sport Hybrid i-MMD consists of five world-leading systems working together.

Honda’s SpoGeneration and Drive Motors

To provide good acceleration for a large car, the motors need to be powerful, yet compact. Honda has realized the power of a conventional 3.0L engine in a compact package, leveraging its motor technologies developed through hybrid cars, EVs and fuel-cell electric vehicles.rt Hybrid i-MMD consists of five world-leading systems working together.



2.0L Atkinson-cycle DOHC i-VTEC Engine

Honda’s advanced technologies including VTEC realize low fuel consumption electric generation, and high output when extra electrical power is needed. This engine, which powers the electric generator and high-speed cruising, is always fuel efficient.




Litium-Ion Battery

Battery performance has evolved thanks to Honda’s advanced technologies developed through generations of hybrid cars. Honda’s batteries can store more electricity, with low charging and discharging loss. This enables the vehicle to operate with the engine stopped more often.




Engine-linked Clutch

The main purpose of the engine is to generate electricity, but in some situations such as high speed cruising, it is more efficient for the engine to power the tires. The compact engine-linked clutch delivers power from the engine to the tires enabling low-fuel consumption driving.




PCU(Power Control Unit)

The PCU controls the two motors, efficiently dissipating heat generated due to the massive amounts of electricity handled, ensuring stable operation. Honda has managed to decrease the PCU size, without sacrificing performance.





Plug-in Hybrid

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) can be charged at home, and can be used for short distances as Electric Vehicles (EVs) without the need to use gasoline. For long distances, PHEVs act as hybrid vehicles, without the concern of running out of battery power. Plug-in Hybrids provide the benefits of both EVs and Hybrid vehicles.








Plug-in Hybrid Usage

Plug-in Hybrid Benefits

Honda’s plug-in hybrids are based on the highly efficient i-MMD sports hybrid, adding the ability to drive as an EV as well.
Here are some of the benefits.

High-capacity Battery

Lithium Ion battery with 5 times the capacity of the Accord Hybrid, and a highly efficient system with superior electricity usage enable EV driving for everyday use.







Fully Charged in 90 minutes (AC200V)

Charging can be quickly completed at public charging spots, or at home with a quick charger installed. EV driving can be extended by using charging spots wherever available en-route or at destinations.





Use as Electric Generator in case of Emergency

Honda’s PHEVs can act as an AC100V power source, by connecting an external electricity supply unit. 3.0kW can be supplied for 27 hours with engine-powered electricity generation. (External Electricity Supply units are specific to each model.)






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