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Honda Dashboard Warning Lights

Braking System Failure There may a potential failure in your braking system. If you see this symbol while driving, we advise you to pull safely off the road, park your vehicle and call roadside assistance to tow it to Germain Honda of Ann Arbor. Brake System/Parking Brake The parking brake …

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Automotive Abbreviations

List of automotive abbreviations which may be used in shop manual. ABS Anti-lock Brake System A/C Air Conditioning, Air Conditioner ACC Adaptive Cruise Control/Accessory ACEA Association des Constructeurs Europeens d’ Automobiles (The European Automobile Manufacturers Association) ACL Air Cleaner AFS Adaptive Front lighting System A/F Air Fuel Ratio AHB Advanced …

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SRS Unit Removal and Installation

1. 12 Volt Battery Terminal – Disconnect 2. Center Console – Remove 3. SRS Unit – Remove 1. Remove the duct (A). 2. Remove the clip (A), then disconnect the connectors (B). NOTE: The SRS unit connectors have lever locks. Release the locks before disconnecting the connectors. 3. Remove the …

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Lateral G Sensor Failure C0061 F0

DTC Troubleshooting: C0061-F0, C0062-F0, U0452-68 10285 DTC C0061-F0: Lateral G Sensor Failure DTC C0062-F0: Longitudinal G Sensor Failure DTC U0452-68: SRS Malfunction NOTE: Before you troubleshoot, review the general troubleshooting information. Problem verification: Turn the vehicle to the ON mode. Clear the DTC with the HDS. Turn the vehicle to …

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How to Troubleshoot the SRS 8099

SRS Indicator The SRS indicator (A) on the gauge control module indicates problems related with SRS (supplemental restraint system) function. If the system is OK, the SRS indicator should come on when you turn the vehicle to the ON mode, and then go off 6 seconds later. If it does …

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12 Volt Battery Test

12 Volt Battery Test NOTE: If there is any HONDA specified region-specific testing method available, follow that. 12 Volt Battery – Test A 12 volt battery can explode if you do not follow the proper procedure, causing serious injury to anyone nearby. Follow all procedures carefully and keep sparks and …

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Adaptive Damper System Components

Adaptive Damper System Description – Components The adaptive damper passes the electric current that has been adjusted by the adaptive damper control unit, to the coil to operate the valves. The solenoid valves open depending on the amount of electric current. Since the amount of oil changes depending on the …

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How to Troubleshoot the Adaptive Damper System

How to Troubleshoot the Adaptive Damper System 12823 Honda Adaptive Damper System Warning If an electrical problem with adaptive damper system is detected, adaptive damper system warning is displayed on the multi-Information display (MID). In case of adaptive damper control unit is not connected or broken, adaptive damper system warning …

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Pedestrian Crash Sensor Calibration

Pedestrian Crash Sensor Calibration- Procedure NOTE: When you replace or remove the pedestrian crash sensor and/or the safety plate, calibrate the pedestrian crash sensor with the HDS. When you replace or update the SRS unit, calibrate the pedestrian crash sensor with the HDS. When you do the VSA sensor neutral …

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