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Lateral G Sensor Failure C0061 F0

DTC Troubleshooting: C0061-F0, C0062-F0, U0452-68 10285

DTC C0061-F0: Lateral G Sensor Failure
DTC C0062-F0: Longitudinal G Sensor Failure
DTC U0452-68: SRS Malfunction

NOTE: Before you troubleshoot, review the general troubleshooting information.

Problem verification:

  1. Turn the vehicle to the ON mode.
  2. Clear the DTC with the HDS.
  3. Turn the vehicle to the OFF (LOCK) mode, then to the ON mode.
  4. Wait for 60 seconds or more.
  5. Check for DTCs with the HDS.

Is DTC C0061-F0, C0062-F0, or U0452-68 indicated?

Go to SRS system troubleshooting.

Intermittent failure, the system is OK at this time. If the freeze data/on-board snapshot of this DTC is recorded, try to reproduce the failure under the same conditions with the Freeze data/on-board snapshot.

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