Honda City Remote Key Programming

Honda Center Locking Remote Matching

Honda City Keyless Entry Remote Programming

This Article shows “Honda Remote Learning Process“. It is applicable on nearly all the Honda Cars. Here are the detailed steps:

  1.  Open Driver-side door and sit in the car.
  2.  Turn ignition ON with a key. Don’t Start the Car only the ignition should be turned On.
  3.  Press Lock button on Remote to be programmed once
  4.  Turn-OFF the ignition
  5.  Repeat Step 2 to 4 for two more times
  6.  Turn ignition ON again (4th time)
  7.  Press Lock button again (4th time). You’ll hear the sound of Central Locking confirming that it is in Remote Learning Mode.
  8.  Now immediately press Lock button on all the remotes (one by one) which are needed to be matched to this car. Any remote left at this point (Lock button not pressed) will not be matched.
  9.  Take out the key to end Remote Learning Mode.
  10.  Check all the remotes for operations.

Honda City Center Locking Remote Matching

Note:- If at Step 7, You didn’t hear the central locking making any sound then the above procedure will fail and will not be applicable on that Honda car in particular

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